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Kipper Williams (born 1951)

Kipper Williams (born 1951)

Christopher Williams was born in the Wirral, Cheshire, on 30 December 1951, the son of local government officer Aubrey Williams. His nickname ‘Kipper’ came from a childhood pronunciation of Christopher. Attending Ellesmere Port Grammar School before studying fine art at Leeds University (1970-74) and the Royal College of Art (1974-76), he created cartoons as a ‘reaction against traditional fine art and painting’. In 1973, whilst at Leeds, his contributions to the
Leeds Student Magazine formed the basis of his first collection of cartoons, winning him a New Statesman/NUS Student Journalist Competition the following year. On completing his study, Williams became a full time cartoonist and has contributed to The Sunday Times, the New Statesman, Private Eye, Punch, Nursing Times, Country Life, the Spectator, the Daily Telegraph, Top of the Pops Magazine and Radio Times. He is best-known for the strips ‘The Lady and the Wimp’ for Time Out, ‘Pile ’em High’ for The Sunday Times, and ‘Eurocats’ for the Guardian. Since 1991, he has drawn a daily cartoon for the Guardian’s finance pages and draws on commission for companies and individuals. His work has been published in a number of books, including No Peas for the Wicked. In 2005 he provided cartoon illustrations for Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Everything.
In April 2007 Kipper Williams made a successful debut at Chris Beetles Gallery exhibiting work in ‘Having a Laugh! The British Art of the Cartoon’.

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