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Alfred Parsons RA PRWS RSW RI HRMS ROI NEAC (1847-1920)

Alfred William Parsons, RA PRWS RSW RI HRMS ROI NEAC (1847-1920)

Alfred Parsons became an expert in various branches of the art of the garden. He used watercolour to produce fresh portraits of gardens and accurate illustrations of botanical specimens. Having collaborated on books with the famous gardener, William Robinson, he went on to become a designer of gardens in Britain and the United States. His transatlantic connections were strengthened through his membership of the Anglo-American ‘Broadway Group’ of artists and writers that included Henry James and John Singer Sargent. He further broadened his horizons and deepened his knowledge through trips to Japan in the period 1892-94.

Alfred Parsons was born in Beckington, Somerset, on 2 December 1847, the son of a surgeon, and educated at private schools.

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