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Norman Meredith (1909-2005)

Norman Meredith (1909-2005)

Norman Meredith grew up in Liverpool and was educated for the most part at a small private school. He was singled out for his talent for drawing, and his widowed mother soon bought him some painting equipment: ‘my pride and joy at owning real artists’ paints and brushes knew no bounds’. With the encouragement of both his mother and his grandmother, he took evening classes and, at the age of sixteen, enrolled at Liverpool School of Art. Scholarships allowed him to travel in Europe and to further his study at the Royal College of Art under Gilbert Spencer and William Rothenstein. He is the oldest living artist to have studied at the Royal College.
Meredith taught at Aberystwyth University and, part-time, at a secondary school in Kent, before turning to humorous illustration in the hope of securing a more stable income.

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