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Charles Knight ROI VPRWS (1901-1990)

Charles Knight, ROI VPRWS (1901-1990)

The Sussex landscape painter, Charles Knight, channelled the tradition of English watercolour painting in order to produce his own original contribution. As a result, he became a pillar of the Royal Society of Painters in Water-Colours and received acclaim, from William Russell Flint, as the 'star turn' of the Recording Britain scheme.

Charles Knight was born in Hove on 27 August 1901, to a family which had long farmed in the area. His father, employed by a firm of Brighton publishers, remained a keen naturalist and artist, and took the young Charles on walking and sketching trips, so initiating a love of Sussex. His gift for drawing was further encouraged by trips to France with a childhood mentor, Canon Elliott. Studying first at Brighton School of Art (1919-23), in 1923 he won a scholarship to the Royal Academy Schools and, though commuting from the South Coast, became exposed to many new influences.

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