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Sally Artz (born 1935)

Sally Artz (born 1935)

Sally Artz is the creator of such memorable female strip characters as ‘Libby, the Liberated Wife’ and ‘Our Gran’.

Sally Artz was born in London on 14 March 1935, the daughter of Benjamin Artz, a painter. She studied graphic design at St Martin’s School of Art (1951-53), and worked as a commercial artist for Halas & Batchelor animation studios before selling her first cartoon to the Weekend Mail in 1955. Since then, she has produced strips for the Sunday People, Tit-Bits and Chat, produced a widely syndicated feature for the Daily Mirror (1981-85) and drew regularly for the paper’s business page (1990-93).

Artz has also contributed cartoons to the
Reader’s Digest, Penthouse (USA), Weekend, Oui, Bella, Private Eye, the Spectator, the Oldie, the Mail on Sunday, She, the Radio Times, the Daily Sketch and Punch; and has designed greetings cards for Accord and Camden Graphics.

In addition, Artz has written scripts for ‘The Smurfs’, produced animated cartoons for TV advertisements and provided illustrations for educational publications for such as Heinemann and Cambridge University Press.

Winner of the Humor Gag section at the International Salon of Cartoons in Montreal (1981), Artz was Vice-President (with Peter Maddocks) of the British Cartoonists’ Association (1991-93). In 2017 she was given the prestigious Pont Award at the annual Cartoon Art Tust Awards which was presented to her by Mike Leigh.

Artz was first influenced by Disney and the American ‘funnies’ and later by Nicholas Bentley and the New Yorker cartoonist Chon Day.

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